TSA Baggage Check-Oct 5, 2011


I intend for the TSA Baggage Check to be a regular feature that, in true blogger style, points to recent important news tidbits about the TSA and Airport Security. This section is a little selfish, it helps me aggregate dissertation research. However, it should also be useful for those who like to keep up to date with the TSA. Also, in the case that baggage check is not witty enough, I am open to suggestions for something better.

Consumerist relays the story of a TSA agent retrieving a cellphone from a locked car for a passenger. Welcome back to the friendly skies.

The TSA has initiated a new Pre✓™ programed aimed at letting passengers opt-in to advanced screening to save time at the airport. Be sure to check out my analysis here.

The The Tucson Sentinel reports that the TSA cannot verify the security of over 900,000 badges worn at airports that may grant access to sensitive information.

Last, Jezebel has a nice overview of a recent altercation, and apology, between the TSA and a breast cancer survivor.


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